• Social Inclusion

    Muellners Foundation strives to achieve equality driven goals and fundamental essence of human life.

    We aim to reduce discrimination on any grounds to create a peaceful humanity, embracing all sections of society. We promote sustainable social entrepreneurs and enterprises.

  • Financial Inclusion

    Sustainable development of the world, with financial inclusion to eliminate poverty.

    An initiative driven by innovation. Our parent company supports a global 'Not for Profit' initiative to deliver sustainable financial technology.

  • Green Initiatives

    Reverse the adverse ecological footprint of humans with carbon neutral initiatives.

    Let us together reverse the adversity of humanity. 'Muellners' creates green practices in delivering its services. This foundation also strives for reducing carbon footprint and engage in carbon credit economy.


Experience thoughts and philosophies with Muellners 'Not for Profit' Foundation

Global Community

Muellners Foundation is a global community of progressive thoughts & innovation led by unparallel thrust to better human life in middle and low income economies.

Innovation Driven

Muellners Foundation is built keeping sustainable development and green practices in mind. The foundation works towards rural development, social security, women empowerment and human rights.


Women Impact

We aim to generate employment for women to create a fundamental human society. You can take some steps with us.


Clean World

Our planet is a beautiful ecosystem. Help us heal the planet by contributing to open source research on climate change and blockchain.


Micro finance

A farmer in an Indian village needs a loan. Let's change it by participating in our open source research and technology.

Showcase Stories

Give your stories the presentation and audience they deserve with Muellners.

Global Outreach

Take the help of a global community to publish your initiative quickly into the world.

Engage Community

Discuss and debate society, problems and solutions with the community.

Learn and Grow

Muellners Foundation thrives on experiential learning and growth.

Food Aid

Make an impact!

I pledge to help build a better tomorrow with Muellners Foundation.

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