Council Post, an independent media platform, powered by open source AI

Foundation announced today that the open research journal has been deprecated now and a production instance is deployed as Council Post, on the Open Constitution network. The journal was earlier maintained and cited by third party journals at The media platform is now accessible at the following urls, for both member and general public […]

Open Bounty, a platform for open source fellowships and jobs

Foundation announced today that the ‘Fellowships and jobs’ portal is released for public use, on the Open Constitution network. Members of the Foundation can visit the beta version of the web service at Open Bounty is a platform for open source fellowships and job awards. The service provides an ability to […]

Open bank is out of beta release

Foundation announced today that the Portal is out of beta and released for public use. Users can visit the web portal at to manage service requests and their E Residency or Tenancy lease, Social Credits and Trust Keys. a. Individuals can register E Residency, and access Open Constitution network’s fractional ownership rights, and activate […]

Open Source CBDC Public Discussion Paper

Copenhagen/NewDelhi: A Public Discussion Paper on prospects of CBDC in financial access programs for the underbanked was  released today by the Open Council. Open Bulletin is an independent, open source publication for institutional as well as non-institutional information consumer. Open Bulletin is part of Open Research and is launched in April 2022 by Muellners Foundation […]

Muellners Foundation joins “patent non aggression” Open Invention Network

Copenhagen, Denmark  – Muellners Foundation, a not-for-profit humanitarian organisation that advocates for financial inclusion, social inclusion, and biodiversity, announced today that it has joined the Open Invention Network (OIN), the largest patent non-aggression community in history. Muellners Foundation hosts a global open source community and supports best practices and industry standards in the financial services sector. […]

Fintech influencer Prasanna Lohar joins Open Council.

Copenhagen, Denmark/Mumbai, India: Foundation today announces that Prasanna Lohar has joined on the Steering body of the Open Council. Prasanna is a fintech influencer with more than 18 years of experience in engineering, product development, and digital transformation.  He is currently the Chief Innovation Officer(CIO) of DCB Bank, one of India’s leading banks, delivering digital […]

Appointments to Steering and Advisory bodies of Open Council

Copenhagen/Singapore/New Delhi: Muellners Foundation today announces the appointment of two new members – Lira Priyadarsaniand Dinesh Singh to its Open Council bodies. Lira Priyadarsani has been appointed to the ‘Digital Initiatives’ Advisory Council of the Foundation. Dinesh Singh has joined the Foundation on its ‘Finscale’ Steering Council. Lira Priyadarsani is an entrepreneur and a business […]

Rukesh Patel appointed to Open Council body

Copenhagen, Denmark/Mumbai, India: Muellners Foundation today announces that Rukesh Patel, has joined the Foundation on its ‘Financial Inclusion Advisory Council’. This is a voluntary appointment, nominated by the current working Open Council members. Rukesh Patel has served as  Chief Technology Officer of Edelweiss Financial Services and is an experienced industry veteran of the financial services […]