Foundation community adopts decentralised governance model

Copenhagen, Denmark: In the recent remote member’s meeting of the Muellners Foundation, attended by its Council, it was announced that the global association aimed at non for profit initiatives of Self Governance of its network AI, should be run as a decentralized autonomous organisation – DaO.

The community around different projects and programs of the Muellners Foundation is growing. Foundation’s members are of the view that the community members have vested interest in the decision making process for running the Foundation’s projects. 

“We aim to create a class of entrepreneurs that believe in the same philosophy and would like to work in a domain ranging from Data privacy, Climate change, Global health and financial sovereignty.” the Council announced in an open source documentation on its public channel.

Muellners foundation has a global footprint that expands the Foundation’s ideology to countries like Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, where it has run the ‘Learn Program’ and fellowships.

A global decentralized autonomous governance system for its members to sustainably develop diversified projects that accrue value for the Foundation.

In India, the Foundation is launching key digital initiatives and research endeavours, combined with spirited product engineers and entrepreneurs.

In Europe, specifically in Denmark, where the Muellners Foundation is currently registered as a legal combination of Limited Liability-Voluntary Association, it vocalises the plight of humanity with its periodic releases of contributions into open source projects.

“We deeply believe that we represent the problems and solutions that can be practically realised for these global landscapes.” stated Devendra Yadav, Blockchain developer working with the Foundation project Finscale.

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Muellners Foundation is an international Trust for social finance that provides digital aid and social finance services to beneficiaries in low and middle income economies.

Press release distributed by Pressat on behalf of Muellners Foundation, on Friday 28 May, 2021.